Todd’s FAQ

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Q: How long has Irving been performing?
A: 13 years

Q: Does Irving enjoy his work?
A: Everyday in my dressing room I ask “Wanna go to work?” He barks, I open my door, he runs out, down the stairs, up to the stage door. He wags his tail, which tells me he’s a happy little guy!

Q: Where does Irving live?
A: Irving and Lucy are family pets. They are house dogs – not kennel dogs. They have full house privileges.

Q: What does the vet say?
A: All the dogs are healthy, happy dogs. They are spayed and nutured. They have regular visits, all shots, and maintain a healthy diet. Everything they do in the show is 100% safe and fun. They are under no stress. The talking illusion is approved and licensed by the USDA, which by Missouri law must license all animal performers.

Q: Where did the dogs come from?
A: 3 of our 4 dogs were adopted, 1 was purchased from a breeder retiring a dog.

Q: Are the dogs ever for sale?
A: No, they remain lifetime family pets. We do assist folks in finding available dogs for adoption in our area.

Q: How do the dogs travel?
A: In our car they are in pet carriers for the trip only, this is the safest way. By plane, Irving goes in an airline approved carrier. He goes under the seat in front of me with his water bowl.

Q: How does he talk?
A: He’s never told us!!!!!!!