Todd’s Band – The Smiling Eyes

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The Smiling Eyes Band


Todd Oliver’s outstanding band, The Smiling Eyes, performs original music during his show.  The band consists of lead guitarist Mike Donoho, drummer Jeff Hauschildt, bass Marcus Willett, and Todd Oliver on guitar and piano.  While Todd is the lead vocalist, all of the band members sing. The positive music is reminiscent of those fun rock-n-roll songs of the 70′s.

The band was formed about five years ago by Todd Oliver, Mike Donoho who also owns Guitar Shop - a local instrument repair and supply store – and Brian Duvall who was a member of the Springfield-based Christian rock band Johnny Q. Public which gained some prominence in the late 1990s.

Bassist and vocalist Marcus Willett was added to the group in September. Willett first learned to play while moving around the country with his father, a U.S. Navy sergeant.

All 4 musicians love playing together, and feel that co-songwriting comes easy. Todd Oliver says, “We have such a natural chemistry for songwriting. That doesn’t happen very often.” Mike Donoho agrees, “We have a unified vision, we’re influenced by a lot of the same bands.”

Their first album, produced by Morgan Music in Nashville, Tenn., is available at the theater.  Plans are in the works to cut a second album at the conclusion of the 2011 show season.