Irving & Lucy

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I know what you’re thinking how do I talk? How does it work? The answer is… I work, so Todd Oliver doesn’t have to work. You see I’ve got the personality so I get the laughs and if you can’t laugh at a talking dog you probably own a cat!

What do I do besides talk? Well I consider myself quite proficient at napping; on average I take 25-30 naps a day. And what do I do when I wake up? I stretch a little lay down and take another nap. With these paws I get worn out typing on Todd’s laptop…wait a minute… I AM Todd’s laptop!

I live in Branson Missouri. Branson’s’ like “Mayberry with a cover charge! The other day Todd decides to take me for a walk in downtown Branson. We haven’t gone 10 feet when he spots a store he has to go into. Next He ties me and my leash to a parking meter., Then like genius he looks at me and says “Stay, Stay, Stay”, I’m thinking I’m tied to a parking meter moron moron moron “, why don’t you just say don’t fly away, don’t fly away, don’t fly away! I wish I could trade places with Todd that way I could tell HIM to get off the couch!  

Now it’s your turn get off the couch and come and see me and the show….and don’t forget YOUR leash!





Meet Lucy the only dog in the world to out talk Irving. She talks so much she was kicked out of obedience school…..for TALKING BACK! Irving describes her this way: “now I know why they call female dogs that name” She claims she gets treated like Royalty, because everywhere she goes someone follows her around with a plastic bag on their hand. When asked what’s the difference between boy dogs and girl dogs she replied “after what they did to me at the vet NOT MUCH! Multi talented… Every time she wags her tail the band starts to play her favorite song. But how did she learn to talk…she bit an English teacher!